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  • The 3 Pillars of a Successful Presentation

    Great presentation by Danny Boice

      You have a meeting set with the executives of a potential business client. You have one shot to win them over and close one of the biggest contracts for your company. What’s your plan to blow their minds? Most presentations that we hear today focus more on the explaining the data, and not on [...]

  • 5 Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams

    Remote Team Management Online

      Out-of-sight should not equate to out-of-mind when it comes to leading a successful staff. After all, your employees represent your company – even if they are in a different state or continent. If you want to face a leadership challenge, having the responsibility of managing remote employees will certainly put your skills to the [...]

  • 5 Characteristics to Look for When Hiring Remote Employees

    Remote worker working from home at home office desk

      Any hiring manager knows it is important to determine the skills and characteristics necessary to be successful when they decide to hire someone for a new position. But those of you who hire remote employees need to also think about what additional characteristics are desired in a remote worker, as there is a big [...]

  • 7 Key Elements for a Successful Kickoff Meeting Agenda

    Meeting Agenda on a Notepad

      In last week’s article, we talked about how client project kickoff meetings lay the foundation for the ongoing businesses relationship with clients. This week we will expand on the important elements are of a good kickoff meeting agenda, and why you shouldn’t overlook them. An effective kickoff meeting should be done through an organized [...]

  • 4 Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

    Virtual Team Building Activitie

      Virtual teams have become a workplace necessity for many small businesses that need to do more with less. Not only is this a good way to cut back on overhead expenses, but it is also a way to capitalize on advances in technology. Where technology promises to help you reach goals and objectives, it [...]

  • How to Dodge a Lawsuit When Hiring For Your Startup – Part 2

    Illegal Interview Questions to Avoid

      In last week’s article, I talked about “protected classes” as they relate to conducting job interviews. We reviewed a number of these classes, discussing specific interview questions that are safe while giving you instructions on areas to avoid. Today, we will continue down that path, covering the protected classes we did not review in [...]

  • 5 Tips for a Successful Kickoff Conference Call

    Kickoff Meeting Success Planning

    The kickoff meeting is where the real work starts. For you, it’s an opportunity to manage expectations of your client and to gather important information for the successful completion of the project. For the client, the meeting gives a better understanding of your team capabilities and the project work that will be done. The kickoff [...]

  • How to Dodge a Lawsuit When Hiring For Your Startup – Part 1

    Illegal Interview Questions to Avoid

      There are many considerations when hiring a new employee, and legal strategies should be at the top of that list. Your prep work needs to begin the moment the decision is made to hire someone by preparing a list of interview questions. Using such a questionnaire will help you maintain focus and also keep [...]

  • 4 Simple Team Building Ideas for Small Business

    Team Building Ideas

    Team productivity often relies on two things, team cohesiveness and employee happiness. And as a manager, you have no choice but to make these a priority. It’s easy to get lost in all the work of reaching deadlines, acquiring new customers, or keeping clients happy while forgetting about the important part of the business, your [...]

  • Conference Call Etiquette Tips That Will Increase Productivity

    Conference Call Etiquette

      “That’s an hour of my life that I’ll never get back.” You’ve probably said this to yourself after a conference call that went horribly wrong. Either people are showing up late, speaking out of turn, or the conference call was unorganized and unproductive. This is because people aren’t following conference call etiquette which would [...]