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  • Tempo Partners with Speek To Provide In-Calendar Conference Calling on Mobile

    tempo speek copy

    Today, Speek announced that we’ll be partnering with the good people of Tempo AI to create something really exciting: the very first smartphone calendar app with built in, one-click conference call technology. Speek has always been dedicated to our mission of making conference calls awesome; now, by joining forces with Tempo, the talented creators of [...]

  • Missing Links: Why Our Model is Better Than Anybody Else’s


    At Speek, we’re working hard to make conference calls awesome. But, actually, our mission is a little bit more complicated then that: in addition to making conference calls awesome, we want to make sure our users are fully realizing the potential of how awesome a Speek call can be. Hopefully, from the first time they [...]

  • A History of SocialWeddingSpeek

    social wedding speek

    4500 B.C.E. The Balkan Peninsula. A shadowy figure, whose name is lost in the sands of time, is the first to mix copper and tin to make bronze, an almost magical alloy that allowed humankind once and for all to leave the Stone Age behind, in the process lending its own name to a new [...]

  • Post Series A: What Next?

    whats next

    As you may have already heard if you’re reading this, Speek recently finished our Series A round. It was exciting and a lot of hard work. Today, instead of giving a recap of the last few months, however, I’d like to focus on a question that’s been on my mind quite a bit lately: what’s [...]

  • Speek Offers Conference Calling Deal to WeWork’s Small Businesses Members


    Speek is delighted to announce that it is offering a special discount to members of the premier co-working space, WeWork. Speek will offer discounted access to its simplified enterprise conference calling service, Speek for Teams, through WeWork’s membership portal. With Speek for Teams, SMB’s can host unlimited conference calls without using dial-ins and PINs, share [...]

  • Data-Driven Decision Making


    If you’ve been following us for a little while (in which case, hey, thanks!) you know that in addition to our top priority of making conference calls awesome, we are committed to doing so in as data-driven a way as possible. This is where I come in. From the first days of the company, John [...]

  • 5 Tools to Automate Your Ecommerce Business

    This is a guest post by Nima Patel. She is a Product Marketer at Lettuce, a simple order & inventory tracking app made for ecommerce and wholesale. Her team writes about inventory management and small business on the Lettuce blog. Say “hi” @nimapt. There are many pieces involved in effectively running your ecommerce business. You [...]

  • User Acquisition 101: How to Let the World Know Your Product is Awesome

    Aquiring new users

    User acquisition can seem like a daunting task; hell, even the name is daunting. All “user acquisition” really means, though, is getting people to use your product. A huge part of this is helping potential users find your product. At Speek, we are working hard to make conference calls awesome. But we also know that [...]

  • How We Increased Registration Rates 12.5% with Optimizely


    Last year, I wrote a piece about design and user experience (UX), and I’ve also written a lot about the importance of being a data-driven company, i.e. making decisions based on real, rigorously gathered and analyzed, information. Our use of A/B testing at Speek is a great example of this philosophy in practice, and I [...]